Five Nights at Freddy’s world

Five Nights at Freddy’s world

Introduction and rules

Five Nights at Freddy’s world Unblocked or as friends call him Fnaf world Unblocked is the unblocked version of Five Nights at Freddy’s game series and is available to play online! Yeah boy! It is true that out of all fnaf game this game is the most different. Why is that? Well because you are not getting scared anymore! I mean if you are scared of fnaf characters then you will. But if you are not against playing as one them, when you are good to go. We all do remember that previous parts where scary. Even fnaf sister location was scary regardless the fact that it had some fun aspects to it. I will not talk much about second and fourth part. They where most scary ones for me at least. When I remember playing without security doors and with only Freddy mask. Or golden Freddy it was scary.


Fnaf world is really unique. We are not getting scared by Freddy or his mates. Yes, we will see our beloved animatronics here. But we are not going to get scared by them. Exact opposite. We are going to play as them. Yes, you heard that right. This game got bad reviews because of that. And I understand why. We were so used to get scared by fnaf games. And then comes out fnaf game which is not scary. Of course, fans will be mad. They want to get scared not play as Freddy. I get that side of story too. But there is another side. It is different take on fnaf franchise. You can play it as totally different game! I guess if you love fnaf characters you will like this game too. It allows you to explore new worlds. Play from different perspective. And is still challenging!

Game modes

Now we still do have single player here. Yes, you have adventure and fixed party mode. But both of them are only single player. Fixed party mode is different because it is just harder to play.

How to play Five Nights at Freddy’s world Unblocked?

Game controls: you thought that because it is different it would have different controls? Well nope. Mouse is still your guide through the world of five nights at Freddy’s. use it but don’t abuse it as they say.

Tips and Tricks:

Not much to give in this game. Partly because it simpler than previous ones. But I guess there are some tips you can still use:

  • Want to open new characters? Travel the world.
  • Pinwheel Circus is a lie! I mean you won’t find last characters there.
  • Glitched Word is the answer for secret characters.