Free Throws unblocked

Free Throws unblocked

Introduction and rules

Free Throws unblocked is the unblocked version of Free Throws game and is available for playing online! You might already have guessed, but I will still say that it is available on our website! No big surprise I know, but still, it is my job to say it. All right this game is unblocked so you guys know what that means. You can play literally anywhere you want! This game is not so popular and I know some of you, or even many of you may not heard about it, so let me cover it up. Right now, I will say that it is a simple basketball game. Nothing difficult and overwhelming. We will get in details below.


All right, so as I already mentioned this is a basketball game. And it is what literally its name says it is. It is free throws! If you love basketball you know what free throws are right? And if you love them and want to play on PC too, then here you go! Game is really simple though, no fancy design, no fancy 3D graphic. It really looks and plays as old-school flash game. And I know that many of you guys are fans of games like that. Also, I want to say that you might think that game is easy. I mean it’s free throws what can be challenging about that, right? But let’s be honest. They are somewhat challenging in real life too. And in this game, they get little extra challenging! You will see what I am talking about.

Game modes

As I already said, game is simple. So, we got simple old-school classic Single-Player brother!  Yeah, it might sound lame that you can’t challenge your friend. But you know what? You still can do that! just play in turns and see who gets more balls in the basket! It’s about how you use your brain bros!

How to play Free Throws unblocked?

Game controls: again, it is really simple. You are only going to need your mouse for this one. And I am not talking about mouse you caught in the trap last night. I am talking about computer mouse you use to play games!

Click on the basketball player to make him jump and click again to throw the ball.

That’s how simple it is.

Tips and Tricks:

Now many of you might wonder. Does this game really need any tips and tricks? Well you might be right. But still, game is not as easy as it looks. We talked about it above. And because of that, I will still try to give you some tips.

  • Practice! simple tip but does wonders as always.
  • What matters in this game is when you shoot the ball. Pay attention to that!
  • Be patient! Do not throw the ball immediately when the player jumps. Best throws come out when player is jumping back on the ground.